Presenting Author / Chair Instructions

Presenting Author / Chair Instructions

Please attend the Speakers’ Breakfast

After you have got your name badge at the registration desk, it’s important for both session chairs and speakers to attend the Speaker’s Breakfast, located in the Reception Hall, from 7:15 to 8:00 a.m..You will only go to this breakfast on the days you are giving a talk and/or chairing a session. Tables will be marked with the individual sessions name so please be sure to know which session you are in before going to the breakfast. The speakers can meet their session Chairs/Co-Chairs to confirm their presence, complete speaker introduction details, and arrange for their presentations to be installed on the computer in the session meeting room. If the Session Chair is unable to attend the breakfast, please coordinate with the session Co-chair, who will usually be one of the speakers within the session.

Preview Room

The Preview room is a dedicated space for you to review and make any last-minute changes to your presentation. It is located at International Conference Center Kobe 3F Lobby and will be open from 7:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday – Thursday. The room will have PCs available with PowerPoint 2016. If you want to modify your presentation on site, it would be better for you to modify it at the Preview Room and upload to your USB to bring to the session room.

NOTE: THIS IS NOT WHERE YOU WILL UPLOAD YOUR PRESENTATION FOR YOUR SESSION. You will do that in the session room during the break before your session at the latest. Be sure you arrive at your session in time to upload your presentation.

Equipment that will be available

Each session room will be furnished with a projector and a laptop computer running Windows 10. To avoid delays and technical problems during the session, please do not bring your own computer unless your presentation absolutely requires it. If using your own laptop is unavoidable, you must bring all the necessary adaptors needed for compatibility with our projectors (VGA port, also known as an RGB port). To ensure compatibility, you MUST confirm functionality in the session room during the break before your session.

・If using the conference laptop provided:
Specifications of the Windows laptops in each room are as follows-
OS: Windows 10, English-language
Office Version: Microsoft Office 2016
Applications: PowerPoint 2016
Adobe Reader DC
Video Player: Windows Media Player Ver. 12. Please ensure your video data format is compatible with this player in advance. (Other types of video may not run on this player).

– The conference laptop audio output connects through a stereo mini plug.
– Please bring your slide data on a USB flash memory stick. No other type of storage media is acceptable.
– The system uses standard Windows fonts:
English: Arial, Arial Black, Arial Narrow, Century, Century Gothic, Courier New, Symbol, Georgia, Times New Roman
– If you use a font other than the above, your text may not appear correctly. It may become misaligned, garbled and/or characters may be missing.

Presentations should be loaded onto the laptop in the Session Room where you give your talk. Presenters should meet with the Session Chair in the designated session room 20 minutes before the start of the session to upload their presentations via USB.

Presentations should be in MS-PowerPoint (2016) format in English. It is the speaker’s responsibility to ensure that their presentation is properly loaded. Limited IT support will be available in the area of the break-out rooms.
Presenters should not presume their presentation uploads can be conducted at the last minute without problem. Please upload early, allow time for difficulties, and confirm that your presentation displays properly well in advance of your session.

Timing for your presentation

A total of 20 minutes is allotted for each presentation period. In regular technical sessions, this time slot will allow 15 minutes for introductions and the oral presentation, and five minutes for questions and answers, and speaker transition. Talks will start on the times shown on the program, so be sure your talk will be delivered within 15 minutes to allow for questions and speaker transition times.

Strict adherence to the agenda is required since conference participants expect presentations to occur at the scheduled times. Presentation times for each speaker must not be altered and gaps should be filled with discussions led by the Session Chairs.

Session chairs must notify the Technical Program Chairs of any deviation in the schedule.

Most sessions have a co-chair who is a speaker in the session, who can fill in for the chair as needed, and provide assistance with paperwork, surveys, and presenter support.
We look forward to meeting you all in Kobe later this month, and thank you for helping make OCEANS’18 Kobe a great and exciting meeting!