2016 June

For Immediate Release

Contact: Tony Livoti, 831-335-4780, tlivoti@mbita.org

Special ‘deal-making’ service offered to the marine science exhibitors and attendees of the OCEANS’ 16 conference to be held in Monterey, Ca. Sep.-19-23.

June 26, 2016, Monterey, Ca.  Sometimes referred to as the ‘Serengeti of the Sea’, the one-of-a-kind Monterey Bay of California is this year’s global host for the MTS/IEEE OCEANS’ 16 conference to be held in Monterey, CA on September 19-23.

Thousands of marine science companies, scientists, engineers, educational institutions, research organizations, ocean advocates and entrepreneurs from around the world will convene in Monterey to discuss, discover, learn and invest in the latest products, services and expertise that address the challenges and provide the solutions that our oceans face today.

The Monterey Bay, one of the largest marine sanctuaries in the United States, is located just 30 miles southwest of Silicon Valley and is home to over 30 different organizations leading the world in marine science research and development that are all located in the Monterey Bay. The business communities of Silicon Valley and the Monterey Bay are now collaborating with outreach strategies to market the region’s leading sustainable marine science solutions to the global marketplace under the brand of ‘Blue Silicon Valley’.

A special matchmaking service will be provided by the Monterey Bay International Trade Association (MBITA) to OCEANS’ 16 exhibitors and attendees providing pre-arranged, one-on-one meetings with the Monterey Bay companies and organizations focused on the following sectors.

  • Oceanography
  • Climate and weather prediction
  • Fisheries
  • Remote sensing
  • Marine ecology
  • Environmental monitoring
  • Cellular and molecular marine biology
  • Instrument/sensor/mooring development
  • Underwater vehicle technology
  • Ocean circulation and acoustics
  • Marine policy and education
  • Abalone farming
  • Marine aquaculture for food and energy
  • Sea level rise research
  • Water quality analysis.

This ‘deal-making’ service includes pre-conference virtual meetings between the selected organizations, companies and individuals so they are ready to do business before they meet in person at OCEANS’ 16.This service also included 3-5 hours of post-conference support.