Student Poster Competition FAQs

Student Poster Competition

When will I hear if I am accepted to the Student Poster Competition?

Abstracts for the Student Poster Competition undergo two reviews. All efforts are made to send notifications about selection to the SPC at the same time as Technical Program Abstract notification. However with the second review process, the SPC notification can sometimes be delayed by a week or so. Please consult the conference web site for the Notification dates.

What if I am not selected?

If you are not selected for the Student Poster Competition, however your abstract is selected for the Technical Program, we encourage you to attend the conference to present your research, however registration, travel and accommodation must be covered by your our resources. The OCEANS conferences do not offer general travel grants, etc.

What if I have applied in the past, may I apply again?

Yes, you may apply again and that is encouraged! Keep in mind that competition is tough for the 15 – 20 places available for each conference. If you were not selected, please make significant effort to improve your future abstracts by working with a professor or colleague.

The only people prohibited from applying again are those who win first prize in the competition.

I have been selected for the Student Poster Competition, how do I?:

Conference Registration

A full conference registration is included as part of your Student Poster Competition (SPC) award package. This registration includes access to all technical sessions, social events and the Exhibition. Please login to your author dashboard to register as soon as possible. At the end of the registration procedure the system will automatically provide you with complimentary registration. Note that you will need to pay for any tutorials or guest tickets that you select.


SPC participants will receive support for travel expenses based on the following rules:

You will have to book your own flights. We encourage you to book your flight as soon as possible in order to access the lowest possible airfare (must be an economy fare ticket). Please note you will have to pay for your airfare and any other ground transportation costs in advance and we will reimburse you part of your costs following the rules mentioned above at the Conference. You must provide receipts and paper boarding passes in order to receive the financial support. You don’t have to obtain JPY receipts. You are requested to arrive in Kobe on the morning of Monday May 28th and stay until Thursday, May 31st.

Travel Documentation

Please immediately begin to apply for any travel related visas or documentation. Application for these documents often takes longer than you think. There have been students not able to travel to the conference due to lack of or late paperwork. Obtaining required documents is your responsibility, not the responsibility of the conference organizers.


The OTO’18 Conference team will reserve hotel rooms for SPC participants.
Hotel room costs will be covered directly by the conference – you will not need to pay in advance and be reimbursed. If you do not participate in the provided SPC housing, you will be responsible for the costs of your alternative hotel room choice – no exceptions.
The conference will only cover the costs of the room – no charges to the room like room service, movies, etc. If you make the choice to order anything and charge it to the room, you will be responsible for paying those charges – not the conference.